Prompt International

Company background

Prompt International sh.p.k. is a successor of a company Prompt Prishtina sh.p.k., founded in year 2007 and a part of a Prompt South Group (Prompt International – Kosovo, Prompt Novus – Macedonia and Prompt Adriatic – Albania).


Prompt International is one of the biggest system integrator and infrastructure supplier in region. It is a sole Emerson Network Power distributor  in Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania: Emerson Network Power (with brands lile Liebert, Knurr, Chloride, Asco and others) is world’s biggest and best producer of IT infrastructure.


Established in 2007 as Prompt Prishtina, and transferred all resources including references and knowledge to a new company Prompt International, the company has focused mainly on  building of Data Centers. During these eight years, we have built the whole infrastructure for second GSM operator in Kosovo (IPKO). We have delivered and installed over 450 fully equipped telecommunication containers, including HPAC cooling systems, DC power systems, alarm systems, gensets etc.


We have also built main data centers in Kosovo (Kosovo Energy Corporation, Raiffeisen Bank - Main and Backup Data Center, Eulex Containerized Data Center, Civil Registration Agency Data Center, Kosovo Cadastral Agency, KEDS and many others. Lately, we have designed and implemented new HPAC system for both ProCredit Bank Data Centers.


We have also been active in PTK, installing HPAC systems in their MSC-s and Data Center and in all  4 regional BSC centers.


Prompt Group is organized in a way that enables resource sharing between companies in the group. Prompt International has 10 employees, all highly skilled and trained for data infrastructure building, but when needed, also other skilled experts from the other companies in the group can be engaged. All of employees are regularly trained at Emerson Network Power training centers in Tognana, Bolgna and Nova Mesta nad Vahom.


We have also by Uptime Institute certified Advanced Tier Designers, which enables us to design and implement best Data Centers Infrastructure.


As a group, we have built also data centers in Albania (Plus Communications, Primo, Credite Agricole Bank, Abcom and others) and Macedonia (VIP, Halk Bank, Asseco, Ministry of Finance, ….).


We have a maintenance contracts (regular and emergency interventions) with Kosovo Energy Corporation, Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo, EULEX, PTK, IPKO, UNMIK, TEB, KEK,  and may other customers offering 24/7 support.


Prompt has proven to be a company capable to deliver install and maintain state of the art data centers and telecommunication infrastructure. Data Centers are our core business and that’s why we are committed to this.